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Hello. My name is Amos Tucker. I am a machinist, welder, and blacksmith. My hobby is repairing vintage machinery like the 25 lb little giant power hammer you see above between my daughter Ambralyn and me. My current niche in blacksmithing is making holdfasts for wood workers as seen below.Thank you for stopping in to my website. I hope you find the articles below interesting. To see interesting machine work go to my shop site www.industrialservicesofwilson.com

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A holdfast is a wood worker's tool used on a workbench to quickly clamp down the work. Strike the top and it wedges itself in a hole and clamps, strike the back to release.
This bell stand is a prime example of utilizing the tools and skills of a machinist, welder, and blacksmith to create a functional work of art.
A 122 lb Hay Budden in need of repair, undergoes a renovation.
Old anvil - $250.00,
S7 rods - $48.00,
Doing it yourself - Priceless
On ocassion, I am asked to repair an antique tool or make missing parts for them, such is the case here with Stanley 248 cutters.
These are rubber rings that hold plaster batts on a potter's wheel. They are designed to grip the batt tightly but not damage the fragile plaster batts. I sell these for $150.00 each.

View our largest roller repair to date.
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Hey!!! I can't believe I won the
2013 Volis Simpson Whirlygig Contest in Wilson NC!

My holdfasts come in three different sizes! 5/8", 3/4",and 7/8". 3/4" being the most popular.

Butterfly Chair I made for my wife for Christmas.

New work bench. 16' long, 24" wide, and 7" thick.
Made from an 85 year old pine tree
that lightning struck on my Granddaddy's farm.

Vise stand I made for my friend Amy Hinson.

An old Kee mower I rebuilt.


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