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Vise Repair with Elton Etheridge

Elton brought in a vise he had to our Wednesday night open forging and ask could it be repaired.

It would not turn freely and would not close up all the way.

A closer inspection found the threads bottomed out in the nut before it would close.

With a lot of effort we removed the screw...

sawed the knob off the handle to remove it from the screw...

and washed off the old dried grease in varsal.

With it in the lathe we found the screw was bent, 3/8" over it's lenght of 14".

we put it in the press and bent it back straight.

Now checking within .o4o"" we decide to try it.

Elton files the flat spots created by the pressure from the press.

So the threads will not bottom out in the nut we cut off about a half an inch.

Sand off the burr on the outside...

and with a carbide grinding burr, grind the last thread down so it does not end in a sharp feathered edge.

Wash out the nut with varsal.

Test that the screw and the nut fit well.

With the nut and screw fitting well straighten the handle before putting it back through the head of the screw and welding the knob back on.

Roll the handle across the anvil to see if it is straight

Sand a chamfer on the end of the handle to be welded

Put the handle through the head of the screw and tack the knob back on.

Tap the knob around to square it on the shaft then weld solid.

Sand the weld smooth and sand off the spatter balls caused by welding.

The keyways in the hole the nut goes in have burrs that made it hard to get the nut out so we grind them smooth...

as well as all the rust flaking off inside.

Reassemble the parts. It works a lot better now.

Smile at handy work.



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