"-John Sykes wizard"

John shows how to make a man that will not talk back, eat, and stays where you leave him.

John Sykes’ wizard

Start by drawing out a dull piont on a piece od 1/2 square. This forms the hat.

Using the corner of a 1-1/2 square bar, punch a triangle on each side for the eye sockets leaving about 1/16 in the midle.

With the same bar in the same heat, go below the eye sockets and punch a flat place straight across to reveal the end of the nose

The wizard so far.

With John's helping hand clamp mounted in the hardy hole, get ready to punch the eyes and nostrils.

Use a round punch rounded off to a ball to make the eyes...

and nostrils.

Another punch ground in the shape of a half moon makes the mouth.

A sharp hot cut shears a little metal of the sides to form the mustache.

Same hot cut makes grooves to simulate hair in the beard.

Hammer the sides that the mustache is hanging off of to bring the sharp sliver back against the side of the bar. This is done so it will not stick in you.

Make a decorative star on the hat by center punching a dot....

and with the hot cut, make four marks coming out from the dot to form a star.

Finish with a brass brush.

Smile at handy work.


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