Rubber ring for plaster batts

These are rubber rings that hold plaster batts on a potter's wheel. They are designed to grip the batt tightly but not damage the fragile plaster batts.

The material is always curved or warped when it comes from the vender...

...this comes from how they store it....rolled up.

To flatten out the curve and to get my needed 1'" thickness, I glue two 1/2" thick pieces back to back. This will make them flat as their curved nature is canceled out by each other. Here I am preping the surfaces for glueing by cleaning them with alcohol.

The adhesive I use.

Brush on liberally.

After the adhesive is no longer tacky, carefully bring the two surgaces together.

As they touch, they start to bond.

Carefully bring them all the way together keeping wrinkles from appearing.

Press untill all surfaces meet.

Sandwiching between two heavy flat plates.

I will clamp this together and let the adhesive cure overnite.

Laying out the 10" spacing for the two 3/8" holes. The holes will fit onto the bolt heads of the potter's wheel.

Set up on the mill to drill the holes.

I use a wood board for support so I will not damage the drill when it goes through the rubber.

Special rubber drill.

Soapy water acts as a coolant and a lubricant.

The hole...

...and the plug that comes out.

Special face plate mounted on the lathe to turn the OD and ID of the ring.

Special knife tool to slice through the rubber rather than cut it.

What comes off the OD

Now the inside...

and what comes out of the inside.

One turned ring beside the blank about to get turned.

The grooves are abrasively cut into the inner walls of the ring slightly off center. This gives the affect much like a "feather board" does in wood working, only allowing one direction of motion.

To do this I use a "jigged" up modified chop saw...

...and special OSHA aproved guard for the rubber dust.

The completed rings.










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